Pest Control Service, LLC


Pest Control in and around your home or business

Outside Treatment

  • Power spray three feet up the foundation and 6′- 10′ out from the foundation to create a barrier around your home
  • Treat base of windows to prevent insects from entering
  • Treat all lower eaves and inspect upper eaves for wasps and spiders
  • Spray expansion joints to eliminate nesting areas

Inside Treatment

  • Treat baseboards and corners throughout the entire house
  • Garage treatment for protection against spiders and other pests
  • Base of windows for flies and spiders
  • Entryways to prevent all common pests from entering

As Needed

  • Rodent Control
  • Bait for household ants
  • Flea treatment in carpet
  • Bait for Roaches
  • Treat for pantry pests
  • Bait or dust attic

Treatment Options

       We offer flexible service plans in monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly intervals.
Semi-annual and annual service is also available.

Termite Treatment Options

        There are many options when it comes to termite treatments, spot, partial or full, liquid or baiting system.
For a no cost inspection, evaluation and estimate please give us a call.